Miraculous Dream

Miraculous dream..

It surely is a dream

For none in real gets through such

So true it is that God is in all of us

As one morning I enter into a realm of God

No one about my race a makes a fuss!

There aint any that judges ya

Whether you be a richs’ or poors’ son,

Or live in a hut or mansion!

No colour be a reason for a fight

Be it black or be it white!

But alas! Sun hits my eyes

Rubbishes it all, For a dream gives way to lies

A miraculous dream it was!

Go all hopes for toss..

What a miraculous dream it was !!


Write it off

This age is very fast and everyone is busy. Most of us are multitasking and we are finding ways to save time(those who live in metros can connect with me easily)

One lazy afternoon when I have nothing much to do(when I actually have lot of work to finish as I write this) I get this idea to start a blog and reach out to like minded people who are busy with work but want a break…A break does not literally a break as I am not authorised to give breaks to all who are reading this at the moment..It is a mental break which can rejuvinate your mind..So what people mostly do to get rid of mental stress is practice yoga, meditate, sleep or watch television. One more thing can can be practised is writing. I might sound a little boring when I ask you to write it off!

Don’t believe me?

Lets try it!

Think of a problem( no matter how petty it is)

Just write it down on a piece of paper.Yes. Just do it. Try to write at length about it and don’t forget to write about the prospective solutions…

This is just a little trick to let that thought out of mind and relax….

Dont forget to get to work!